Work In Progress

You may wonder why there are no travel stories, loads of pictures, videos and personal experiences on the website yet. Well, first of all that is because there is work … Continue Reading →


Telling Stories – On the Importance of African Studies Today

This article [written by me] has previously been published on, as part of the new academia section of the website. This section is meant to allow especially young academics and students … Continue Reading →


(Real) Friends in The Gambia

Three weeks after coming back from The Gambia in 2013, I wrote a personal reflection on my own blog. It was my first experience in an African country, and it … Continue Reading →


Latest news on the Ebola outbreak (Updates 02-04-2014)

UPDATE (02-04-2014): The World Health Organisation published another summary of the latest evolvements in the Ebola outbreak in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. Check out this latest update from WHO … Continue Reading →


Is charity the same as ‘giving’?

“Mom, I don’t want to eat the broccoli. I don’t like it.” “Children in Africa would be really happy with that broccoli, son.” “So, why don’t you send it to … Continue Reading →


Running for the Gambia (video)

Running for The Gambia was organized to raise money for the organisations that we will visit during Study Trip: The Gambia. The sponsor run was held at USC Universum at … Continue Reading →


Money in The Gambia

Cash withdrawal is not possible in The Gambia, so take enough cash with you for the whole week. There are several opportunities to exchange your euros for dalasis. The easiest, … Continue Reading →